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Insulating the roof of your home improves your comfort and increases the energy performance level (PEB) of your building.

The main cause of heat loss:
 The roof of your house!

Heat tends to rise, which makes properly insulating your roof not only a guarantee of saving money, but much more.

Indeed, the advantages of insulating your roof are multiple:

           By reducing energy losses, you contribute to theredireduction of emissions                   of CO2, thus making a significant gesture for the environment.

You significantly lower your heating costs in winter while maintainingpleasant temperatures in your home during warm seasons.

You add aactual value to your property by improving its overall health, creating a sustainable living environment.

Insulating your roof can be done both from the inside and from the outside. The choice between the two depends on various parameters.


Whatever the technique chosen, roof insulation creates a thermal envelope that is beneficial both for your daily comfort and for your energy costs.

Trust the competent PEB Upgrade teams.

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Roof insulation from the inside!

Carried out by our specialized teams, the insulation of your roof from the inside offers several insulation options, carefully selected according to our quality criteria and your requirements:

  • Environmental impact of insulation

  • Insulating efficiency

  • Value for money

  • Acoustic performance

  • Vapor permeability

  • Thermal phase shift (time required for heat or cold to penetrate the insulation)

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We mainly favor the use of cellulose wadding, recognized for its ecological and sustainable nature, as well as mineral wool, which is fully recyclable.

Depending on the intended use of the room to be insulated, whether for a bedroom to be converted or a storage attic, you can choose from different finishing options.


Our qualified teams are competent to transform your attic into a habitable space, with complete insulation.

If your attic is not fitted out, roof insulation by loose spraying is the ideal solution. Its speed of execution makes it possible to insulate several square meters in just a few hours.

Exterior roof insulation

The external insulation of your roof is conditioned by the type of roof you have: the processes differ depending on whether it is a flat or sloping roof.

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Flat roof:

For a flat roof, we opt for re-insulating the existing using the warm roof technique. This method consists of insulating the roof from the outside by installing rigid PIR panels on your old roof. Subsequently, a new bitumen or EPDM waterproofing is applied. In addition to insulation, this approach guarantees new waterproofing of the roof for more than 50 years.

Sloping roof :

Insulating a sloping roof can be done both from the inside (attic insulation) and from the outside. If the attic is habitable or your roof requires renovation, the preferred method is always external insulation, also called the sarking method. The choice of your roof finish (slate, tile, standing seam zinc, etc.) has no impact on insulation, giving you the freedom to choose the style of roof that suits you.

Walls and ceilings

Insulating your ceilings is an effective solution for maintaining heat in a room while reducing noise pollution.

Whether to meet aesthetic, acoustic, thermal criteria or even to ensure fire resistance, PEB Upgrade produces walls and false ceilings of various types. Extremely customizable, these walls constitute an optimal solution for your renovation projects.

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PEB Upgrade, your partner for an insulated and renovated roof

Benefiting from proven expertise, the teams ofPEB Upgrade are at your disposal to advise you and offer you solutions adapted to your type of roof, while taking into account your deadlines and your budget.

Thanks to our versatility, we are able to insulate your roof. By positioning ourselves as the sole point of contact for your project, we offer you peace of mind and optimize the execution of your project.

Other insulation services

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