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Wall Insulation

Insulating your walls offers a notable improvement in thermal and acoustic comfort, while making significant energy savings.


Insufficiently insulated walls in a house result in energy loss exceeding the20%!

Insulating your walls and facade has many advantages.

In addition to making significant savings on your energy bills, you will undoubtedly benefit from increased comfort, both in winter and in summer.


The temperatures in your home will be more stable, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and promoting the well-being of our planet.

Wall insulation also represents a sustainable investment. You not only improve the health and comfort of your home, but you also give it real added value in the event of resale, thanks to better energy performance.

Just like roof insulation, wall insulation can be done from the inside or the outside, with several methods available. The PEB Upgrade team is at your disposal to guide you in the renovation of your home.

Exterior insulation

 Exterior insulation offers the possibility of reinforcing the insulation of your facade while giving it a new look.


We provide you with various finishing options, including coatings, facing briquettes, pre-greyed wood, cladding, as well as quartz tiles.

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Interior insulation

Interior insulation can be done by installing PIR insulation panels combined with plasterboard for finishing.


Another approach is to install a frame filled with insulation, to which a vapor barrier is applied, followed by a wood or plasterboard finish.

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PEB Upgrade: Your preferred partner for the insulation of your walls

Whether for hollow wall insulation, facade insulation, or exterior wall insulation, the PEB Upgrade teams are at your disposal to advise you and guarantee the success of your insulation project. .

Other insulation services

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