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Floor insulation

Gaining living comfort while making significant savings is possible thanks to the insulation of your floors.

Wooden floor

Insulating your floors helps prevent around 10% of heat loss.

Ensuring adequate floor or floor insulation is a crucial step for your home.


A poorly insulated floor maintains a temperature of around 10°C. Insulating your floors helps prevent around 10% of heat loss, thus constituting an ideal complement to wall and roof insulation.

By insulating your entire home, you will not only improve your living comfort and reduce noise pollution caused by travel, but above all you will reduce your energy consumption.

Concerning the insulation of the floor of a house, different techniques can be considered depending on your renovation project. Whether you opt for sprayed foam or plates, the PEB Upgrade team is at your side to advise you, taking into account your needs and your budget.

Insulation with insulating plates

If you favor the aesthetic aspect, the insulation of your floor can be carried out with insulating plates, ideal for cellars, attics and garages.


An economical alternative would be foam spraying, particularly suitable for ventilated spaces.

The choice of plates undoubtedly guarantees high-level aesthetics. We collaborate with the IKO ENERTHERM range, ensuring effective thermal insulation.

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PEB Upgrade: Your trusted partner for the insulation of your floors.

For the insulation of all your floors, the PEB Upgrade teams are at your disposal to advise you and guarantee the success of your insulation project.

Our teams are specially trained to offer you a high-quality professional service.

Other insulation services

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