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Insulation, a necessity for financial and energy savings for your home!

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Who doesn't want a perfectly insulated residence, repelling the cold when winter arrives?

Heat loss in a building is often due to thermal bridges which allow heat to escape to the outside.


Much more than comfort work, interior and exterior insulation of your home will allow you to make substantial savings on your energy consumption. Not only youreduce your bills, but you will also contribute to thereduction in CO2 emissions responsible for global warming.

By investing correctly in the insulation of your home, you will add realadded value to your property, which can be highlighted during a sale thanks to the certificatePEB (Energy Performance of Buildings).

A well-insulated house therefore guaranteessavings energy and money while significantly improving yourcomfortdaily.


In terms of renovation, it is undeniable that insulation remains the investmentthe most profitable.

Often, we think of replacing the frames as a first step to reduce energy losses, but these can have various origins: the roof (30%), the walls (20%), the frames (10%) or the soils (10%).


Improving insulation can be undertaken at various levels, whether by insulating the roof, walls, floor, or even by replacing the frames.

Before committing to this process, it is essential to examine the solutions best suited to your needs. PEB Upgrade is committed to assisting you, advising you in your renovation projects, and making your project a real success, perfectly meeting your expectations.

Our services.

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The main cause of heat loss lies in the roof of your home. Thus, a properly insulated roof undoubtedly represents guaranteed financial savings!

Various methods are available to insulate your roof, whether through internal or external insulation.

PEB Upgrade: Your trusted partner for your insulation projects.


At PEB Upgrade, we go beyond market standards in insulation, covering all of your needs, from floor to ceiling. Thanks to our expertise, we guide and advise our clients throughout their residential insulation projects. Our specialized departments allow us to carry out a varied range, suitable for all types of homes, with an approach focused on energy efficiency.


Premiums can cover up to90% of your insulation work invoices.


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